Take action for Out-of-Hospital Birth Access and Safety

The 190th formal legislative session has ended, but lawmakers are still working for you. Let them know you support Out-of-Hospital Birth Access and Safety and that you want them to help get this bill passed in the 2019-2020 session.

Can you find 5 minutes for 2 calls or e-mails today?


Go to wheredoivotema.com and enter your address.
Scroll down to "State Representative" and "State Senator" and click on their name for e-mail and phone info.


  1. Indicate that you are a constituent. Give your NAME and ADDRESS.
  2. Tello your Representative or Senator: "I am a constituent, and I support the Out-of-Hospital Birth Access and Safety Act. This bill was numbered HB4655 this session, and I hope you will help pass it next session."
  3. Feel free to add your personal anecdote or reasons for supporting the bill. Some talking points you can use:
  • Integrating midwives into the health care system leads to fewer c-sections, fewer preemies, more breastfeeding and thriving babies
  • 33 other states (including Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island) already recognize and integrate certified professional midwives.
  • This bill improves the safety of home birth, promotes public health, and increases access to maternity care.

Your calls and e-mails really make a difference! 
Thank you for taking action today for safe and accessible birth choices for all Massachusetts families.