About the Movement for CPM Licensure


CPM Licensure

There is currently no state oversight of home birth midwives practicing in Massachusetts.

We support a pathway to licensure for all such midwives that would require they carry the Certified Professional Midwife (or CPM) credential. 

Families choosing home birth in Massachusetts deserve the security of knowing that their care provider is regulated by the state, properly credentialed, and integrated into the broader health care system.

Do you dream of a Massachusetts where families have clear and transparent information when seeking a midwife for home birth? Where MassHealth and private insurers provide reimbursement, expanding access to home birth?  Where home birth midwives can collaborate freely with doctors and hospitals when needed? Where Certified Professional Midwives can open free standing birth centers? Where more families have the confidence to choose home birth? 

Licensure is the first step to making these dreams a reality.

Bay State Birth Coalition supports a bill to license CPMs that:

  • Creates a process for licensure of homebirth midwives in Massachusetts based on the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential
  • Requires all practicing midwives to obtain a license
  • Establishes a regulatory body controlled by CPMs

No bill will guarantee insurance coverage or friendly hospital transfers, but licensure is an important step toward enabling those goals.

30 other states currently license Certified Professional Midwives. We know this dream can be realized.

Tell us your reasons for supporting the bill.

Legislative Update

The bill is filed!
HB1189/SB1206 "An Act Relative to Out-of-Hospital Birth Access and Safety" is sponsored by Representative Kay Khan and Senator Anne Gobi. 

In Massachusetts today, most home births are attended by unlicensed midwives. This bill would require all unlicensed midwives practicing in out-of-hospital settings to become licensed and carry the Certified Professional Midwife credential. This licensure bill will improve the safety of home birth, promote public health, increase access to maternity care, and save money.

The following Representatives have signed-on as cosponsors of the bill: Sarah K. Peake, Bradford R. Hill, Elizabeth A. Malia, Ruth B. Balser, Jennifer E. Benson, James M. Cantwell, Marjorie C. Decker, Carolyn C. Dykema, James B. Eldridge, Dylan Fernandes, Kenneth I. Gordon, Jonathan Hecht, Mary S. Keefe, Robert M. Koczera,Stephen Kulik, Michael J. Moran, William Smitty Pignatelli, Denise Provost, John W. Scibak, Todd M. Smola,  Thomas M. Stanley, Aaron Vega, Chris Walsh, and Bud Williams.

Senators can still sign-on as co-sponsors, so call your State Senator and ask them to co-sponsor SB1206 today!

Read our fact sheet about the bill.

Read the full text of the bill.